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If you’re a large corporation, small-business owner, nonprofit organization, or if you’re just looking for more efficient ways to manage your business, I can help you use the software you already own or help make wise software purchasing decisions. Microsoft Office products are the most widely used tools in the work environment today. However many of today's workers have yet to be trained. The demand for productivity is at an all-time-high. Take the next step and learn new ways to work as you become the efficient, valued worker your company demands.



Polished documents are the hallmark of a business with high standards for professionalism. You’ll gain the ability to create sophisticated documents like reports and newsletters and learn how to make your documents stand out. Learn the secrets to mastering mail merge to automate the creation of letters and labels. Learn how to utilize the advanced tools available in Word that help manage long documents and automatically generate supporting materials. In today's world, we create, share and collaborate on documents. Learn how to track the revisions made to documents, compare versions of documents and solicit feedback from others.


Expand your knowledge of Excel and use its powerful tools to more clearly communicate business processes and financial structures. Learn how to utilize the features of Excel to quickly set up basic spreadsheets. You’ll learn the math necessary to create simple and more complex formulas. See how to work with multi-sheet workbooks, allowing you to better organize your data. You’ll master exciting ways to integrate visuals that will deliver the intended message and draw the audience’s attention. Discover how to create if-then statements that allow you to test and manipulate data. You will also learn lookup functions which automate repetitive formulas that have variable inputs. Do you need to do projections, budgeting, or “what-if” scenarios? Do you have a goal in mind but need to know how to get there? Learn how all of these tasks are easily handled with Excel’s data analysis tools. Don’t forget how PivotReports allow you to turn large amounts of data into understandable sets of useful information. And with macro and template tools you’ll soon be getting more done in less time.


PowerPoint is a presentation tool that is essential to success in business. Presentations created in PowerPoint let you communicate your ideas with greater impact and clarity than paper and text. From importing data to design principles, you’ll be equipped with a polished and professional presentation that creates and delivers results. Customized slides will reinforce brand images and colors. Adding tables, charts, and other images will strengthen the pitch. Exciting new audio and visual capabilities help you tell a crisp, cinematic story that’s as easy to create as it is powerful to watch.


Outlook is the industry standard when it comes to communications. It is a tool that can dramatically improve your productivity. Connecting with people and information has never been easier with Outlook's new social networking tools, advanced search, and innovative email organization. Manage your appointments and schedule meetings with others using the Calendar. Take advantage of Outlook’s complete Contact management tool, and track your “To Do” list electronically using Tasks.

Outlook with Business Contact Manager

Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Business Contact Manager provides powerful customer and contact management to improve the effectiveness of your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts. With a new interface, new project management and marketing tools, and powerful customization, Business Contact Manager for Outlook2010 lets you manage all of your organization’s customer information within Outlook, the application you already use for email and calendaring.


Visio is a drawing and diagramming tool that can help transform business and technical concepts into visual diagrams. Diagrams created in Visio enable you to communicate information clearly and with more impact than with text and numbers alone. Visio uses visual tools to represent the message, thereby eliminating confusion. Business processes, work flow, engineering diagrams, system layouts, and even floor plans can be created with Visio. You’ll spend less time explaining and more time delivering powerful visual messages that the entire organization can understand.


Starting with the basics of data management, data relationships, tables, and design, you will understand how to lay out database that is sensibly structured, easily manipulated, and customized to your needs. You’ll learn why Access as a database is more appropriate than Excel. You’ll be asked to think about questions of your data and what type of output is best for the answers. Access empowers you to make the most of your information - even if you are not a database expert.


Publisher is a desktop publishing program that lets you produce professional marketing materials customized to your company’s needs. Easy-to-use design templates and layouts in Publisher enable you to create a complete marketing program. From newsletters and identities to ads and brochures, Publisher gives your materials the style and punch they need to get noticed.